My name is Natalia and I am a self taught photographer and visual story teller, based in Toronto, Canada. My main specialty is conceptual, lifestyle and travel photography. I create stories around products and ideas, by paying attention to the small details while focusing on the big picture. What makes my work unique is that I am able to create imaginary environments and make them look photo realistic, therefore making any concept possible. I am also currently working at an Architectural Visualization studio, where I create exceptional narratives in Photoshop for 3D renderings.

In the past few years, I have successfully led a lifestyle helicopter photoshoot for Ontario Tourism, climbed 8 story construction boom “for that perfect shot,” have been sent on a lifestyle photography assignment to Palm Beach for a major developer, and have been featured on the cover of the Canadian PhotoEd magazine.

If you are somebody who wants to create a visually inspiring story around your product and create an emotional connection with the viewer, let’s collaborate!


Instagram: @NATOSMO