Palm Beach, Florida

February 2018

Behind the scenes video can be found here

As I woke up at 5 am on a Monday morning, I knew it wasn't going to be a regular start to my work week. After taking out my extra heavy suitcase full of tech equipment, and getting into the cab, I was looking forward to getting some breakfast at the airport as I awaited my flight to Palm Beach, Florida. 

I've already travelled for work before, first time being a car ride to Detroit. This trip was going to be the complete opposite. No abandoned, destroyed buildings (although I love those, especially for my personal work), just a bunch of luxurious condos and rich retired people going about their days relaxing in their summer homes, while their real homes are stuck in winter storms. I was greeted by Norm's Kia, the only car that was blasting hip-hop music at the airport arrivals, which already set the mood for the rest of this business trip. After getting settled into my hotel room, we went straight to the developer's side and began filming lifestyle videos, as well as street photography for promotional material. It was an action packed afternoon, followed by a helicopter flight for aerial shots of the site. 


Next day started out to be even earlier. My clock read 4:30 am, as I dragged myself out of bed and prepped the equipment for that morning's shoot. First on the list- getting Norm on an 8 story construction boom, as it beeped it's way up, waking up the residents around us (our bad!). Next I took the car and set up a time-lapse for the sunrise video of the beach. This is when I got introduced to the local jellyfish, which decided to take over all the beaches in the area, preventing people from enjoying those refreshing turquoise waves. At first I wasn't sure what that "thing" was. It appeared as a blue plastic bag, harmless yet uninviting. After searching around, I found out it's true name: "Portuguese man of war..." I think the title speaks for itself. Nevertheless, the sunrise that day was very warm and colourful, especially compared to the cold back in Toronto. 


Highlight of the trip: filming/taking photos on a boat, while Norm's helicopter flies above my head with him practically hanging out of the aircraft to take photos of the site and surrounding area. Meanwhile, our security guard was guarding the time-lapse we set up on a bridge nearby.

As days went by, Norm left back to Toronto, while I stayed behind to take more lifestyle photography/videos of events that went on during livelier weekend days. I got to see Worth Ave (where nothing costs less than $500), Clematis by night, street market, outdoor cinema, Flagler museum, Manatee Lagoon, and other local sites. During my boat ride, the captain showed me mansions around Palm beach waterfront, most belonging to people who could afford to spend millions on a house that they barely get to see during the year. 



Coming back with delays due to snowstorm is not something that I found to be too exciting, but I am very grateful that my first big business trip was to this warm and laidback place, where I got to do what I love on a daily basis. Hoping for more of these to come in the future :)