Solo Euro Trip 2015: Vienna

Highlights from Vienna

- Eating a vanilla strudel guilt free :)
- Seeing Klimt's "The Kiss." You're not allowed to take pictures of it, although I got to sneak a picture for myself (it's very blurry)
- Witnessing the original Venus of Willendorf! She was the first little sculpture I learnt about in Art History and she's just as cute as she is in the textbooks
- Visiting the Rathaus and it's spring festival. Lots of live music played by musicians in traditional Austrian clothing
- Taking train and bus to Meidling (outside of Vienna), and then getting lost. My bus driver went through all the bus stops and I clearly missed my stop for the Lichtenstein Castle. He didn't speak a word of English and we stopped somewhere on top of a mountain. Somehow by speaking English and him speaking German we agreed that he will point me in the right direction :P
- Visiting the Seegrotte, after seeing the above mentioned castle. The tunnel walk was so surreal and I could say the same about the underground lake boat ride. Our group also had a wonderful tour guide
- Seeing Beethoven's grave and admiring the local cemetery (sounds kinda morbid, doesn't it?)