Solo Euro Trip 2015: Prague + Surrounding Area

When putting pictures up on the blog, I realized that I have way too many photos from this trip. I broke them down into countries (obviously it's only a fragment of how many pictures I actually took!!)

Each country has a soundtrack that reminds me of walking down the small European streets and feeling the city's energy.

Highlights from Prague:

- The red roofs and connected buildings that surround the whole Prague
- Visiting the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora (which you have to travel to, since it's outside the city) and seeing millions of human bones which decorate the interior. And then being stuck at the train station by myself for a while, until a train finally came to take me back to the crowded city :P
- Trying Czech mulled wine and eating local food (especially the sweets!)
- Visiting a Jewish Cemetery which had graves one on top of the other due to the lack of space 
- Almost missing my train to Vienna by a few minutes! :O