Solo Euro Trip 2015: One day in Budapest

Since Budapest is only 2.5-3 hours away from Vienna by train, I decided it would be worth it to get up early and spend the full day there. Train tickets between European cities are crazy cheap, especially compared to what we see in Canada. 

Highlights from Budapest:
- Taking hop on, hop off bus with an open roof in 10 degree windy weather, wearing a thin blazer, and freezing to the core (but enjoying the scenery!)

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Solo Euro Trip 2015: Vienna

Highlights from Vienna

- Eating a vanilla strudel guilt free :)
- Seeing Klimt's "The Kiss." You're not allowed to take pictures of it, although I got to sneak a picture for myself (it's very blurry)
- Witnessing the original Venus of Willendorf! She was the first little sculpture I learnt about in Art History and she's just as cute as she is in the textbooks

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When in Wonderland

I've been trying to create a picture with my dog for a while, and although she is sometimes present in some of the pictures on here, I wanted one to center around her. These pictures are behind the scenes. It's surprisingly hard to create an idea involving a pet! I went through about 4 ideas, and finally one of them worked out. The dimensions are wide because I made it for a friend's website banner. 

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Jamon Iberico por favor ;)

From staying up all night and watching the sunrise, to sailing on a boat through Algarve caves, my trip to Spain + Portugal made me want to travel even more. No matter how tired Mimo and I got, we had the best time discovering new places and foods, and were amazed with the kindness of local people. Now I'm sitting here, sadly wishing there was a career for travel photography, I would gladly do this for a living.


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